TechWorks 3000gt ECS Controller LED Options and Sizes

Here are some descriptions, pics & dimensions of the Add On LED Displays for the 3000gt Techworks ECS Controller. The LEDS can be used as an add on to your factory OEM setup or if your doing a retrofit. If you are adding them to your factory setup , your Tour/Sport lights will continue to work as before.

To install the LEDs you have to run 3 wires from the controller to the LEDS and provide suitable mounting location. Mounting them is usually done with adhesive.

We now have two versions of the LEDs Option A - large Individual LEDs and Option B - an integrated smaller LED assembly :

Option A Larger LEDs: These are 4 individual LEDs strung together. Each LED requires either 0.473" or a mounting hole these are fairly large as an LED goes.

Option A Larger LED Outer LED Housing Diameter is 0.473" ( 12mm)

Option A Larger LEDs: The LED Diameter itself is 0.308" ( 7.8mm) - You can drill a hole this size and just have the LED itself poking thru


Option B Smaller LEDs: This is a single LED assembly that has 4 smaller LEDs mounted into an small round installable assembly that only requires a single 11mm hole to expose the LEDs

Option B Smaller LEDs: The Diagonal distance across the LEDs is 0.474" ( 11mm) - You can drill a hole this size and just have the 4 LEDs poking thru