Retrofitting ECS Struts Hardware into a '95->99 w/ Factory Non ECS

What OEM H/W required for retro-ing ECS Struts into a '95->99 w/ Factory Non ECS


(1)FRONT SUSPENSION:  The  same Front suspension mounting H/W dimensions are used for  1991-1994 3000gt VR4 AWD ECS equipped Cars  AND  the later model 1995->1999 VR4 AWD  NON ECS (Electric Sunroof) models.   This statement is refering to the physical sizes and geometry of the suspension hardware only.  meaning things like the spring sizes (not rates), strut cartridge physical mounting dimensions (pearch size etc) , these are the same size & mounting geometry & Hardware.  

(2) REAR SUSPENSION:  The strut cartridge & mounting H/W dimensions for the 1991-1994 model year 3000gt VR4 AWD ECS equipped Cars  IS DIFFERENT compared to the later model 1995->1999 VR4 AWD  NON ECS (Electric Sunroof) models.  Specifically the strut cartridge spring pearch is smaller an so therefore is  the spring. 

However - on the car supspension frame mounting points i.e the dimensions and geometry where the complete strut cartridge assembly mount to are the same.  This means you can swap out the non-ECS strut assembly and replace it with a rear AWD ECS strut assembly.   This is also true for the rear struts in the late model  3000gt SL versions that did not have ECS.  You can swap out the strut cartridge assembly and replace it with an early model rear ECS SL strut assembly.


So specifically What OEM Hardware is required for doing a  retrofit of the Mistubishi OEM ECS strut & spring assemblies  into a later model year care where no factory  ECS was supplied?

The intent of the retrofit is to add back in some form of ECS control into the car - using either an aftermarket  or a custom controller or retrofitting the complete original full factory ECS system (have fun with that).

This scenario applies to  1995 ->1999 3000gt VR4 AWD or Dodge Stealth variants.  These later model cars had instead from the factory different fixed rate springs & non-controllable fixed rate struts.  With the factory ECS option removed that also meant the removal of  all  ECS specific sensors, ecs wiring harness feeds, ecs connector, ecs computer etc


For the Front struts you technically  only need to  replace and order the following:

(1)Strut Hex Cap nut (40089c) , 

(2) the Spring (40176)  (the OEM ECS spring is different from the OEM Non-ECS spring - the rates are different)  , 

(3) the strut cap electrical connector (40081)

and (4) the strut ECS cartridge itself (40041). 

For All the other mounting hardware for the front should be the same.  However you might still want to replace any of the rubber mounting pieces due to wear .

For the Rear struts you need to replace everything - all the mounting Hardware, the strut cartridge and the springs. 

NOTE:    if you  are doing the complete retrofit you obviously  have the option to use aftermarket springs (like Tein H-Techs or S-Techs) instead of the factory OEM ECS springs.  This is what I did for my retrofit.  Tein H-Techs gave my 1998 VR4 about 1" of drop and reasonably firm ride but not overly so.






Parts Diagram for FRONT ECS STRUTS Assembly (applies to AWD drive and SL versions)



Parts List for FRONT ECS STRUTS Assembly (Applies to AWD & SL Cars)


Parts Diagram for REAR ECS STRUTS Assembly-  For AWD Cars only.


Parts List for REAR ECS STRUTS Assembly (AWD Cars Only)


Parts Diagram for REAR ECS STRUTS Assembly (SL Cars Only)


Parts List for REAR ECS STRUTS Assembly (SL Cars Only)



Picture below shows the Dimensional Differences in Rear ECS  Struts for  3000gt AWD/VR4's   VS.  3000gt SL's (non-AWD).  The same dimensions would apply to non-ECS struts cartridges being used in the same cars.




Picture Below is of all the components for doing the ECS Retrofit for an 3000gt VR4 AWD car.

1995 ECS Struts & Mounting Hardware  w/ Tein H-Techs